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Yelp  Reviews

I just moved here from Southern California where Pho is everywhere (and my favorite soup!) I'm so happy I found this place! The food was delicious and reasonably priced. The place is very clean and service was great. There is something for everyone here if you're not sure about Pho they have a full standard Chinese food menu as well (the egg rolls were so yummy) Enjoy!!!

Heather W.

We love this place and eat here at least once a week. My kids love the egg rolls (both Vietnamese and Chinese style), the cream cheese wontons and the beef and broccoli. My husband and I love the Pho. Such a great restaurant, staff is wonderful and we are so excited to have such a great restaurant in the neighborhood.

Amanda B.
Phong L.

Very good authentic Vietnamese restaurant. Features a variety of noodle soups including pho and mi. Service is simple but attentive and friendly. The food is flavorful and captures the true essence of authentic Vietnamese cooking. Menu also has many stir fries, catering more to the Americanized pallet. Overall, have not been disappointed in the times 

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